“Connection” – It is amazing how that word plays such a prominent role in life whether a we are entering the work force or simply expanding our social circle.

Today, I’ve decided to start a blog for the first time. I have always been inspired to write. Indeed, that was how I picked my college major, despite being constantly told that such a subject may not be the most practical choice when considering my future.

While I didn’t allow such criticism to prevent me from choosing an English major, I didn’t completely ignore it either. We are obligated to challenge ourselves in order to become the best possible us we can be. This includes exploring all viewpoints. It helps us to become more open minded.

I agree that every college student should have a well rounded education, especially if they plan to major in the liberal arts. Throw in some economic courses, familiarize yourself with such subjects as math and science. While this may not bode well for every student currently attending school, it is something I believe will benefit them in the long run. The human brain is excellent when exercised at its full potential. If you are persistent, you will find that there is a connection.

In my experience, I developed a thirst for these courses. One of my favorite semesters was when I was taking two subjects that were contradictory to each other, Media Criticism and Marketing. Everything that I was learning in my morning Marketing class was being criticized in my afternoon Media class. I loved it! It presented an opportunity to see both sides and develop my own opinion.

At the same time I felt guilty enjoying myself in the morning, participating in developing a strategic marketing plan for attracting consumers, only to later hear about the crises of consumerism and how it was ruining the American culture.

Ah, the perplexed mind of a college student.

It was an experience which prepared me to accept criticism, respecting all points of views. I keep different perspectives in mind while assessing my own beliefs. I do this in hopes of deriving the best possible outcome, aspiring to make that connection between all individuals. It doesn’t always work, but it’s worth the fight.